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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality (book chapter published)

The Handbook of e-Tourism, edited by Ulrike Gretzel, Matthias Fuchs, Phil Xiang and Wolfram Höpken has been published. It is 1.976 pages with 81 chapters on topics related to eTourism. The book is available in this link.

In this book, I have authored a chapter titled “Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality”. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Among the 150 most influential in the tourism sector in Spain

For the second year, I have been included as one of the 150 most influential in the tourism sector in Spain, in its 2022 edition. This list is prepared by Sergestur (Servicios de Gestión Turística). Very happy for this recognition. [Seguir leyendo...]

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New book chapter published: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

The chapter «Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality» has been published in the book «Handbook of e-Tourism» edited by Zheng Xiang, Matthias Fuchs, Ulrike Gretzel and Wolfram Höpken. Its abstract is the following: «Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently present in almost every area of travel and tourism, appearing in different types of applications such as personalization and recommender systems, robots, conversational systems, smart travel agents, prediction and forecasting systems, language translation applications, and voice recognition and natural language processing systems. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Awarded the Journal Paper of the Year for papers published in 2019

Entrega del premio

At the ENTER2020 congress, held in Surrey from January 8 to 10, 2020, Santiago Melíán and myself were awarded the prize for the best scientific article published in 2019 in the area of tourism and technology. The award refers to the publication “Why are ratings so high in the sharing economy? [Seguir leyendo...]

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An Internet where nobody knows where you are connecting from

Can you imagine a world in which, when you connect to the Internet, no one knows which country you are doing it from? This is, that the providers of the web pages were forced to not be able to discriminate what content to show to you depending on the country from which you are connecting. [Seguir leyendo...]

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And, in the end, SPAM will kill email

(This entry was translated using Google Translate, sorry for any possible mistakes)

For many years, we thought that spam, junk mail, would one day kill email. Some statistics indicated that more than 90% of the emails that were sent worldwide were spam. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Warning – Blog mainly avaiable in Spanish

Dear reader:

I am sorry, but the entries of this blog are mainly available in Spanish. From time to time an entry will also be published in English, too, but this will not be the usual policy. If you can read in Spanish, you are welcome to read the current entries at [Seguir leyendo...]

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