Second economy in tourism: Jobs and IT (paper published)

Journal: PASOS, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Paper title: Second economy in tourism: Jobs and IT

Authors: Santiago Melián-González, Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal

Abstract: In general society has assumed the huge presence of information and communication technology (ICT) in all life’s facets. Nevertheless, this technology penetration may be substituting organizations’ occupations. Automation phenomenon has been mainly studied in the industrial activity, but it is a wider trend due to the technological development. Although the tourism industry has been pioneer in ICT utilization there are no works about its impact on tourism jobs. After a revision of the literature on how ICT influence jobs, and an analysis of the job posts in hotels in Spain, this article is a basic approach to this question and pretends to be a reflection about the use of ICT by tourism firms. The trend found points to a significant impact of ICT on the quantity and type of work currently done in tourism activities.

ISSN: 1695-7121

Keywords: auto service, employment, occupations, human resources, technology


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