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Post-COVID-19 recovery of island tourism using a smart tourism destination framework (article published)

The article «Post-COVID-19 recovery of island tourism using a smart tourism destination framework» has been published in the Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, Q1 of JCR. It is Open Access.

COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented global crisis. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Using accommodation price determinants to segment tourist areas (article published)

Article titled “Using accommodation price determinants to segment tourist areas” has been published in Journal of Destination Marketing & Management. This is the abstract: Accommodation services oriented to different tourist segments usually have different price determinants. Thus, in multi-facet destinations such as large regions or cities, it should be possible to find and describe the underlying types of tourism in the destination by using a price determinant analysis. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Post-COVID-19 behavior change in purchase of air tickets (article published)

The article “Post-COVID-19 behavior change in purchase of air tickets” has been published in “Annals of Tourism Research” (impact index: 5.9). The authors are Santiago Melián-González and me.

The main result of our research is that even after the return to normality, more than one third of the travelers who fly on their holidays will change their behavior when buying tickets. [Seguir leyendo...]

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New book chapter published: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

The chapter «Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality» has been published in the book «Handbook of e-Tourism» edited by Zheng Xiang, Matthias Fuchs, Ulrike Gretzel and Wolfram Höpken. Its abstract is the following: «Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently present in almost every area of travel and tourism, appearing in different types of applications such as personalization and recommender systems, robots, conversational systems, smart travel agents, prediction and forecasting systems, language translation applications, and voice recognition and natural language processing systems. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Tours and activities in the sharing economy (article published)

Current Issues in Tourism (impact index: 3,40, Q1 of JCR) has published the article «Tours and activities in the sharing economy» authored by Santiago Melián-González, Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal and Inmaculada González Cabrera.

With the recent entrance of Airbnb, the sharing economy in the tours and activities sector has grown significantly. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Awarded the Journal Paper of the Year for papers published in 2019

Entrega del premio

At the ENTER2020 congress, held in Surrey from January 8 to 10, 2020, Santiago Melíán and myself were awarded the prize for the best scientific article published in 2019 in the area of tourism and technology. The award refers to the publication “Why are ratings so high in the sharing economy? [Seguir leyendo...]

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Information technology and front office employees’ performance (published paper)

The manuscript “Information technology and front office employees’ performance” by por Santiago Melián-González and Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal has been published in Volume 29, Number 8 of the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, a journal with an impact factor of 3,2. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Extending the scope of hotel client reactions to employee injustice: Hotel employer reviews on the Internet (published article)

Third-party literature is concerned about the way others perceive what happens in organizations. When dealing with the perceived justice of the employer-employee relationship, it has mainly adopted an on-site approach. The scarce research focusing on the consequences of perceived justice for client variables in hotels has shown that it can impact client loyalty. [Seguir leyendo...]

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Articles published during 2016

Usually, I try to publish a short note of each article that we publish in different journals and congresses. During 2016 we published several articles and was director of several Ph.D. theses, which I outline chronologically:

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